Guest Policy

Guest Policy

Day Guests

Members are welcome to bring family, friends, colleagues and associates to enjoy the Club in accordance with our guest policy. Members must accompany guests while using Club facilities.

Golf Guests

Members are invited to bring guests to enjoy the golf course. Each accompanied guest is welcome to play up to six (6) times per year upon payment of a Guest Fee. The Guest Fee includes a golf cart and the use of the practice facilities. On Fridays, weekends and holidays, advance tee times may be made for play with guests after 10:00 am.

Tennis Guests

Accompanied guests are welcome to use the tennis courts up to six (6) times per year upon payment of a Guest Fee.

Pool Guests

Accompanied guests are welcome to use the swimming pool up to six (6) times per year upon payment of a Guest Fee. 


Members who have guests visiting who reside more than 150 miles from the Club may register for a weekly Houseguest pass which permits the guest to use Club facilities either accompanied or unaccompanied. Houseguests will be granted charge privileges to the Sponsoring Member’s Club account. An individual is extended Houseguest privileges a maximum of two times per year. The Club reserves the right to amend Houseguest privileges. Houseguests will be required to provide identification verifying resident status. Please contact the Membership Department for details and pricing. 

Houseguest Golf Privileges

Houseguests are permitted two (2) rounds of unaccompanied golf per week upon payment of a Guest Fee. Tee-times may be made three days in advance of play and may not be made for tee times prior to 10:00 am on Fridays, weekends and holidays.

Houseguest Tennis & Pool Privileges

Houseguests are permitted to use the pool and tennis facilities unaccompanied and without payment of a Guest Fee. Court times may be arranged two days in advance.

Au Pair / Nannies

Parents with an au pair or nanny may register the name of the au pair or nanny with the Membership Department and will not be charged a guest fee at the pool when the au pair or nanny accompanies the parents to tend children or accompanies the child/children when the parents are not present.  Au pairs and nannies are not permitted to use Club facilities or attend Club functions without the presence of either the parents or children. Au pairs and nannies are expected to follow the club’s dress code as noted above.

Dress Code

It is requested that Members and Guests dress in a manner befitting of the Club. Appropriate attire may vary with the season, activity or facilities being used. Please see below for guidelines in specific areas of the Club.

Dining Room & Member Bar

Country Club Casual suggests a less formal level of dress that does not require jackets. Denim jeans are permitted as long as they are clean, hole-free, hemmed and worn as designed. T-shirts, tank tops, shirts with offensive images or words and short-shorts are not considered Country Club Casual. Polo-style shirts that are tucked-in are acceptable. Walking or dress style shorts (mid-thigh to knee length) are permitted between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Special events may require a higher level of dress – please refer to event details.

Clubhouse Terrace

Adults are requested to maintain country club casual guidelines when on the terrace. Children under the age of 12 are permitted to wear tucked-in t-shirts at outdoor events on the terrace between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Golf Course and Practice Area

Members and Guests must wear appropriate golf attire. For men, this includes collared shirts and golf slacks or full-length walking style shorts. For women, appropriate attire includes collared or sleeved shirts, golf skirts, slacks or Bermuda style shorts. Denim, cargo-style pants/shorts, short-shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, tennis attire, swimwear, athletic shorts and non-approved shoes/metal spikes are not permitted.

Tennis Facilities

Proper attire for men includes collared tennis shirts and tennis shorts. Proper attire for women includes collared shirts, sports blouses, tennis shirts and a tennis skirt or shorts. Junior players under age 18 may wear crew neck shirts for play. Regulation tennis shoes are required; cross-trainers, sneakers with a heavy tread and flip-flops are not permitted.

Swimming Facilities

Proper swimming attire including tasteful swimsuits or swimming trunks is required. Frayed or denim shorts or cut-offs are not permitted. Changing rooms are available. Children in diapers must wear approved leak-proof swim diapers. A cover-up must be worn while dining at the pool snack bar. Swimwear may not be worn outside of the pool area.

To ensure appropriate attire is maintained, dress code decisions that fall outside those enforced in the above section are at the discretion of the General Manager or the designated Manager-On-Duty.

Wireless Devices

The Club recognizes that our Members and Guests need access to telephones and email while at the Club. We do permit the use of wireless devices throughout the Club property but request that devices are used in “silent/vibrate” mode and conversations within the Clubhouse are conducted outside of dining areas. When on the course, please keep telephone conversations to a minimum without slowing pace of play. Please use discretion and be courteous to other Members and Guests.

Dining Reservations

To enhance your dining experience, reservations are requested at all times and highly encouraged for dinner and special events. Please call the Clubhouse for your booking so that we can be prepared for your arrival.

Dining Room Minimums

Each membership has a quarterly dining minimum. Quarter ending periods are the last day of each calendar year quarter (March, June, September and December). Food and non-alcoholic beverages purchased in the dining room and snack bar apply to the minimum. Amounts that exceed the quarterly minimum are not carried over to the following minimum.


Members and Guests are asked to leave and check strollers with the front desk. Due to space limitations, strollers are not permitted in the Dining Room.  Detachable strollers may be used when the upper portion is used with a highchair or dining room chair. The lower portion must remain outside of the dining area.


In order to provide each Member with exemplary service, the Club has established the following guidelines regarding tipping:


Hampshire Country Club wait staff employees may not accept or solicit gratuities. Members and Guests are not permitted to offer gratuities to the wait staff. An automatic service charge is included when dining at the Club.

Golf and Tennis

Cart Attendants, Bag Attendants, Golf and Tennis professionals and assistants are not permitted to accept or solicit gratuities; and Members and Guests may not offer gratuities.


Tipping valet parking providers is at the discretion of the Member.


Members and Guests are invited to smoke cigarettes and cigars in designated areas outside. Smoking is not permitted in any buildings or in the pool area.

Parking & Valet

Members are invited to use any of the Club parking areas when at the Club. Please note that the parking places near the main entrance of the Clubhouse are reserved for Members and Guests who have state-issued physical disability tags or permits.

Valet service will be available on certain days during peak times. If you would like to know if valet service will be available in advance of arriving, please call the Club at 914.698.4610.

Special Requests

If you have a special request or require assistance, please contact the General Manager or any of the club’s Departmental Managers.

Member Communication

The Club communicates Member information and events via email; including weekly updates about events. A newsletter will be published that will be distributed electronically via email and on the Club website. Members can also learn about upcoming activities through posted flyers throughout the Club. If you are not able to receive electronic notifications, please contact the Club. Members are requested to keep the Club updated with any email address changes.