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    Course Tour

Hampshire Country Club's 18-hole Golf Course is among Westchester County's favorite private Club layouts. Read below our Golf Professional's hole descriptions and playing tips to best enjoy your next round at Hampshire!

  • Hole #1 | 490 yards | Par 5

    A short opening par 5 played uphill. Most players will need 3 shots to reach this green, however longer hitters can reach with 2 well-placed shots.

    Tee shots should avoid 2 bunkers on the left side of the fairway. The second shot in most cases should be a lay up to about 100 yards to avoid a severe uphill lie.

    Care should be taken when approaching this 2-tiered green with the third shot.

    "Big Mistake" - Missing the green to the right.
  • Hole #2 | 150 yards | Par 3

    The shortest par 3 on the golf course. Tee shot must carry outcropping of rocks and wildflowers to a small, well-protected green.

    A moderate slope from back to front offers another challenge once the ball reaches the putting surface.

    "Bogey Maker" - Missing green long.

  • Hole #3 | 395 yards | Par 4

    A straight tee shot is needed here to avoid tall trees left and right . This hole plays straight away and will provide a relatively easy approach from the fairway.

    A narrow creek bisects the fairway 70 yards from the green. The putting surface is protected by deep bunkers on the left side.

    "Par Saver" - Tee shot must find the fairway.

  • Hole #4 | 486 yards | Par 5

    Another short par 5 that will yield a low score if played intelligently. A long tee shot down the left center will carry "Real-Man Ridge" and provide the player with an opportunity to reach the green in 2 strokes.

    Those who choose to lay up must play down the left side to avoid a huge oak tree that looms on the right about 70 yards from the green.

    The putting surface is elevated, small, flat and well bunkered.

    "Par Breaker" - Good chance for birdie if green hit in regulation.

  • Hole #5 | 371 yards | Par 4

    A generous landing area is provided for tee shots on this straight away hole.

    A large pond located near the front/right portion of the green awaits miss hit approach shots.

    The putting surface is quite challenging and a variety of hole locations exist on this green. A hole location towards the front portion of the green will be difficult to handle.

    "Ball Saver" - Take enough club & aim left/center on approach.

  • Hole #6 | 362 yards | Par 4

    A slight dogleg left played uphill. Tee shot should favor left center but dead center of fairway always works. A drive down the right side offers trouble with small trees lurking in the rough.

    The approach shot usually requires an extra club. To reach the putting surface which is severely sloped from back to front. A large, deep bunker catches shots that are miss hit short and right.

    "No Three-Putts" - Keep approach below the hole.

  • Hole #7 | 224 yards | Par 3

    The longest par 3 on the course. From an elevated tee the player must hit a solid shot to reach the green.

    This hole plays "all carry", normally balls will not roll onto the putting surface which is quite large and protected by bunkers.

    "The Plain Truth" - You gotta golf your ball on this hole!

  • Hole #8 | 302 yards | Par 4

    A short but dangerous dogleg to the right. A tee shot of 200-220 yards down the center or left/center is ideal.

    Tee shots played down the right side can be blocked out by huge trees guarding the corner of the dogleg.

    Approach shots must be well struck from 75-105 yards to reach the green which sits 40 feet above the fairway.

    The putting surface is relatively small and severally sloped from back to front. A deep bunker catches approach shots missed short/right.

    "Feast or Famine" - Lots of birdies & double bogies here.

  • Hole #9 | 216 yards | Par 3

    A tough par 3 to finish the outward nine although shorter than #7, this hole often plays tougher because the target is much smaller.

    Long irons or fairways woods will be needed from the tee to reach this well protected green. Large bunkers surround the putting surface and out of bounds looms beyond it.

    "It's a fact" - 3 is a great score for anyone.

  • Hole #10 | 325 yards | Par 4

    This short yet beautiful hole offers options from the tee. Longer hitters can take dead aim at the green but must carry the ball further to avoid a large pond and wetlands.

    Only a portion of the pond must be carried for shorter hitters, however, 2 fairway bunkers await shots played too safely.

    Approach shots should not be a problem to this slightly elevated green. Once again bunkers surround the putting surface.

    "Bite Off As Much As You Can Chew" - Best way to make birdie.

  • Hole #11 | 183 yards | Par 3

    Last of the par 3's on the course. Although shorter than # 7 & # 9, this hole is just as good.

    The tee shot is played over water. However, the pond rarely comes into play. Again long irons or fairway woods will be needed to reach the green. This hole also plays all-carry, no running approaches here.

    The putting surface is relatively flat and flanked by four large bunkers.

    "Pro pointer" - Take your 3 and run.

  • Hole #12 | 435 yards | Par 4

    The longest par four on the course. This, the most difficult hole, is a dogleg, to the right.

    The tee shot is blind and must be well struck straight away. Most tee shots played down the right side will be blocked out by trees.

    A very long, approach shot is usually needed to reach this two-tiered green.

    "Stay Calm" - Bogey isn't bad here.

  • Hole #13 | 337 yards | Par 4

    Tee shot must avoid 70 yard long bunker on right side. There are also 2 ponds and a creek to the right of the bunker that come into play. A drive down the center of the fairway is the best play on this slight dogleg right.

    Approach shots will be over water and the putting surface is tricky.

    "Stay Awake" - Not a difficult hole unless you fall asleep.

  • Hole #14 | 372 yards | Par 4

    Straight away par 4 with options off the tee. A small creek runs across the fairway 240 yards from the tee.

    Longer hitters can carry the creek with driver, however the landing area narrows at that point.

    Most players won't reach the creek but must avoid a fairway bunker and water hazard on the right side.

    Approach shots should be kept below the hole here if possible. Green is elevated and slopes dramatically back to front.

    "Double Trouble" - Difficult tee shot, difficult green.

  • Hole #15 | 390 yards | Par 4

    Tall trees bordering this hole make it appear narrow.

    Tee shot must find the fairway to have any chance of reaching the elevated green, which is guarded by a deep bunker on the left side.

    "A Good Miss" - Any approach just short of the green.

  • Hole# 16 | 507 yards | Par 5

    The last of the par fives. Let tee shot rip here, best landing area is center or left/center to avoid fairway bunker on right. Long hitters can reach the green in two strokes unless into the wind.

    Players laying up must avoid a pond on the left side and bunkers a bit further down the fairway on both sides.

    Two huge bunkers protect this relatively small green.

    "Green Light" - A good birdie opportunity for most players.

  • Hole #17 | 401 yards | Par 4

    A solid tee shot will be necessary to carry the ball over a gulch and get it into the flat of the fairway. While large oak trees cover the right side, there is a bit of room on the left.

    Approach shots are played uphill with a mid iron to a green that sits on a plateau. This is the only hole without green side bunkers.

    "Advice" - Don't miss tee shot right & don't miss approach long.

  • Hole #18 | 367 yards | Par 4

    A great little finishing hole. Longer hitters can carry the right fairway bunker leaving an approach of less than 135 yards. Most players will aim down the middle to avoid the bunker on the right.

    A narrow creek runs across the fairway 60 yards from the green. The challenge on this hole is the approach shot. The green is protected on the right side by a two tiered pond and waterfall. Any shot miss hit to the right will get wet.

    Large bunkers guarding the left side are no bargain either. The putting surface offers many hole locations, the most difficult being front right.

    "Make a Wish" - Hopefully you are up in your match when playing this last hole!